Olive™ IMU – a true game-changer for #mobile #robotics.

Robust Redundant AI-Based Heading Estimation: Say goodbye to drift issues. Olive Robotics IMU delivers a steadfast yaw estimation, ensuring your robots always know where they're headed.

1KHz Fused Data: High-frequency, high-accuracy data as native ROS messages, straight out of the box.

Ethernet over USB: Quick, reliable connectivity that simplifies integration.

#Native #ROS #Support: Plug-and-play with #ROS and #ROS 2, for seamless implementation. Publish rate up to #2KHz!

Support for Fast RTPS (Fast-DDS) & #CycloneDDS: Choose your #DDS implementation with confidence, knowing Olive™ IMU has you covered.

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With Olive™ IMU, your mobile robots will navigate with unprecedented precision.

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Olive IMU: The Pinnacle of Precision in Robotics

In the dynamic world of robotics, precision and reliability are paramount. Olive Robotics has set a new standard with the Olive™ IMU, a state-of-the-art Inertial Measurement Unit that promises to transform the landscape of mobile robotics.

Robust and Reliable: At the heart of Olive™ IMU is its robust redundant AI-based heading estimation. This advanced feature ensures that the yaw, or heading direction, is calculated with exceptional accuracy, significantly reducing the drift that plagues many other IMUs. This precision is critical for applications where orientation and direction are vital, such as autonomous vehicles and drone navigation.

High-Speed Data Fusion: The Olive™ IMU boasts a 1KHz fused data output rate, delivering information as native ROS messages. This high-frequency data stream allows for real-time decision-making, a crucial component for robots that must respond instantly to their environment.

Seamless Connectivity: Ease of integration is a standout feature of the Olive™ IMU. With Ethernet over USB connectivity, the setup is straightforward, eliminating the need for complex wiring or additional drivers. This plug-and-play capability is enhanced by native support for both ROS and ROS 2, making it a versatile choice for developers.

Advanced Data Distribution: Understanding the need for flexible data distribution, Olive™ IMU supports both Fast RTPS and CycloneDDS, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of systems and allowing developers to choose the DDS implementation that best fits their project's requirements.

Designed for the Future: Olive Robotics has not only created an IMU that excels in performance today but has also future-proofed it for the advancements of tomorrow. The Olive™ IMU is more than a sensor; it's a commitment to the future of robotics, ensuring that as the field grows, Olive™ IMU will continue to be at the forefront, driving innovation and precision.

In conclusion, the Olive™ IMU is not just an incremental improvement in sensor technology; it's a leap forward, offering unparalleled precision, ease of use, and flexibility. It stands as a testament to Olive Robotics' dedication to advancing the field of robotics and their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for developers and engineers worldwide.